Nextcloud Integrate with Zimbra or ldap freeradius

Hi guys

I am new to Nextcloud, successfully installed, it works fine. well at my place there is a mail client (zimbra) which is integrated with Ldap freeradius installed by my former boss. now HOW do I configure Nextcloud to be integrated with Zimbra or ldap freeradius so that users on zimbra or ldap freeradius can log into Nextcloud???
i have zero knowledge about Ldap freeradius and zimbra.

Nextcloud version 20.0.2
Operating system and version ubuntu 18.04
PHP version php7.2

nextcloud server
mail server (zimbra)
freeradius server

can you guys give me references or just tell me what i have to do. thanks in advance

You should be able to configure ldap user authentication with this.

Not really a solution:

But if you try to find a solution with other zimbra users, it would be great to share a tutorial…

owncloud and Nextcloud shared the same code some years ago, so some inspiration might be helpful from this side as well:

Thanks for reply All.

problem solved now i can login from my zimbra account.

just to /etc/freeradius/modules/ldap file i can see the configuration of host, cn, dc etc.