Nextcloud installation with external sql or sql access

Hi, im a software tester and home coder who has a couple of raspberry pis. I have setup asterisk voip and was looking for a new project i found home automation. And now if there is a home call karin (my home assistant) will say that there is a new caller.

But i want to lookup the name of the caller. Home assistant has a sql sensor so with a good sql query and some coding i could get it done.

But i find no easy way to sync for example my phone data to a sql database.

In a facebook group i asked this question. Some one came with this url

Can i install nextcloud on a raspberry pi4 using dockers with a external database Or with sql access?

Im not very comfortable with dockers.

You can install Nextcloud in multiple ways with and without docker on a Pi4. But contacts is only a little part of Nextcloud. Nextcloud is more an open source version of Microsoft 365 (but better :wink: ).

Nextcloud stores files in the filesystem and e.g. contacts in a database e.g. MariaDB. Nextcloud is great and you should definitely give it a try (for other projects). There are also free accounts on the internet. But I think for your problem it is not suitable.