doesn't configure apache correctly, and no user setup

Tried to follow the installation instructions at, specifically following the “easiest ways of installing…” :rofl: by downloading and running the script

And I’ve come across 2 big issues.

The first, is that the apache default “000-default…” site isn’t disabled. so in the web browser when I goto “http://hostname” all I get is the default apache page.

No big deal, I’ll just disable the 000-default site.

Not when I goto http://hostname I’m redirected to http://hostname/index.php/login, but I don’t have a username or password… There is no “Finish Setup” option…

I’m really at a loss of what I"m supposed to to next.

This is on a “pristine” Ubuntu 18.04 installation…

the user/password should be set here:

with the defaults from here:

and the 000-default site is edited here:

sure you run both scripts?