Nextcloud in Truenas 12 100 gb limitation

After installing it as a plugin in Truenas 12, I found it has only 100 gb for my files when on the same pool I have more than 1.5tb available. How to increase its capacity without using external storage?

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You have a system partition and a data partition, and the data folder is on the system partition?

I have a sdd for system of Truenas and 3 pools one for programs, like emby, one for music and another one where nextcloud is located where there are more than 1.5tb available.

Please post some details

  • linux commands like mount, df, …
  • nextcloud configuration config/config.php
  • output for the limitation in nextcloud

I have no idea how to do that. I just installed the plugin as it is.

Perhaps can you look in your nextcloud gui. Is there a quota for your nextcloud users?

on server info it says:



Mount: /
Filesystem: zfs
Tamaño: 104.35 GB
Available: 102.49 GB
Used: 2%

You will get a notification once one of your disks is nearly full.

Archivos: 166

Storages: 2

Free Space: 102,5 GB

I think Nextcloud uses a path on /
And your other data is on another partition with 1.5tb.

Normally you do not really need your Nextcloud to access all data (primary storage).
Perhapy you can use external storage and NFS to access it.

how to increase its size then?