Nextcloud in subdomain: No connection with Android and desktop app

Dear experts,

I installed Nextcloud successfully (ok, quite successfully) in a subdomain. Accessing this via works fine. It leads me to the login screen, I logon and can work with Nextcloud without any problems.

Now I installed the apps for Android and for iOS (latest stable releases) - and failed creating the account. Using the same address as given above, the application tells me that the server answered 404 Not Found for "GET

And the error is correct: The status.php is located in www/mysubdomain/app in my webspace. I used the standard install script provided by my hosting service provider.

The question is: How can I tell the apps to use this path when I am already get an error while trying to create a new account?

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This sounds like a wrong redirect / wrong setup.

If this is the default script by your hosting provider, can you ask them to help you?
(as it seems to be a more generic problem).

Do you have access to webserver config?

Hello, Tobias,

sorry for the late reply. I have access to differerent directories and htaccess and config files in my configuration, e.g. (where subdomain = the subdomain I installed Nextcloud in):

In the service of my provider, the data there is a www directory for the general files with subdirectories for each of my subdomains.

E. g.


config.php where i added trusted domains: and

The reason why I first thought the configuration is correct is that, as mentioned in my original posting, calling brings the logon screen of Nextcloud and everything works fine.

Nevertheless, I of course could just delete the Nextcloud package and reinstall it and hoping the best. But if I could avoid this with an e.g. redirect statement or something like that, I would prefer the later way.

Kind regards,