Nextcloud in maintenance mode after failed update to wopi 3.4.6

Not sure if I found the correct category for this - man are there a lot to pick from. I’ve just started playing with Nextcloud and this is the first problem I’ve had, so not sure what info is needed to help me through this. I’ll start with the basics.

Debian 10
Nextcloud 17 dev version
postgresql 11.5
Apache 2 mod-perl2

I was installing the latest updates - 4 in total. first 3 went well. wopi indicated it conflicted with the file copy and paste app and was disabling it. After installing, nextcloud indicated it had to update the database and recommended backups. Thankfully I listened! :wink:

I’m trying to figure out where the actual logs are but figured I should post this right away so others can avoid running this update. I’ll update as I find out more. Could use some help getting the system back online.

I’m cloning the virtual machine before attempting a restore of the database and removal of the wopi dir from the apps directory. I’m assuming this will restore everything. I’ll still have the clone if anyone wants info relating to the broken update.

Ok, so that worked. My nextcloud is back up.

It’d be nice to know how to recover properly from this kind of issue. I’m sure it’ll happen again. I’ll keep the clone with the problem around for a while if anyone wants info from it.

You usually should enable debug logging and check the Nextcloud log file for any related problems. Additionally it could help to use the occ command line tool to run manually checks which might show more details about the root cause of the problem.