NextCloud in maintenance after updating

I am new on Nextcloud, I tried to update it from the website page updater but it crashed and since then it enterned the maintenance mode.
Can you please help my fix this issue with a simple explication because am not so familiar with termianl commands stuff.
I am using a MacBook and am a new user of opensource softwares.

Thank you.

You have to edit /…/…/nextcloud/config/config.php and change “Maintainance=true” to “Maintainance=false”. Hope, your installation works, because it did not finish the upgrading process …

Take a look at

Thank you for you answer. I couldn’t know how to edit config.php. However, I tried to update nextcloud manually through FileZilla by copying the new version of nextcloud in the server manager, I then entered my instanse from my hosting site (Gandi) and I was able to enter nextcloud to complete the udpate and chose to quite the maintenance mode. That was not without problems though, I found 2 major changes that I don’t have any explication for:
1- my url adresse changed automatically from to the /nextcloudand extension disappeared and now I need to link this new address to all my applications inorder to perform a backup.
2- All my data were deleted on nextcloud server (fortunatley it did synchronised with my local folder and reuploded my data when I link it to my desktop folder)

I would be gratefull if you have explination for where did I went wrong in all of that so I can avoid it next time.

Thanks for the link. Unfortunaltly, Nextcloud help manuals are all about Linux, I couldn’t know how to apply these steps on mac os.