Nextcloud in a multidepartment environment

At our institute we currently have 1 nextcloud with the storage part just being a mount at the linux os level to a CIFS share on central storage.
Nextcloud is getting more and more popular and thus more and more data is being put on there.
To keep it simple there are 3 major deperatments using it and each department should pay what they use.
I could setup 3 separate instances with 3 separate mounts of central storage but maybe there is a way to keep one instance of nextcloud and depending on to which group(or department) a user belongs to put his home/data folder on the right mount? This way I would only have to manage 1 nextcloud.

Any idea on how to deal with this is appreciated!


No, you want to setup 3 systems. Maybe follow the Global Scale approach but I think there is still a component missing besides all the marketing around it.

Global Scale could indeed help but much of it is custom implementation for customers and it is typically most useful at a 1000+ user scale as it requires complicated setup with help from us. You can contact sales if there’s a need for it! Note that this is a home user forum :wink:

Is any data stored on Nextcloud or all on the central storage?