NextCloud Image for Raspberry Pi Questions

I think i have read, that there is a special image for Raspberry Pi 3 based on Ubuntu Snappy and i have some Questions regarding that Image. Maybe someone have answers for me :slight_smile:

Is there any reason why it uses Apache instead of Nginx or Lighttpd as Webserver?
Are there some special optimizations for Raspberry 3, which i have not with a Raspberry Pi 2?
Are there any advantages using Ubuntu Snappy over using Rasbian (Light Version)?

I ask only, since i want to transfer either my old image to a new SD Card at the Weekend or make a complete new Installation based on the Snappy Image. Since i have some time at the coming weekend, i would like to clarify some questions before that. So please, this should no criticism, this are only some questions.

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  1. Apache is the only official web server. Lots of people use Nginx without problem, but it is not officialy supported by the NC team.
  2. I don’t think so, there is only one Nextcloud snap. The big difference is the HW
  3. depend of what you want to do, if this is only for Nextcloud, Ubuntu snappy and Nextcloud install will take you less than 10 minutes to install and you will have a rock solid solution. From my point of view, optimization with Nginx, does not worth the time you will spend on it (and I really try !) and the NC snap is already well designed and optimized.

It’s more about hardware support, the image was developed originally for the pi2 and doesn’t work on the pi3 until the hardware support is added by Canonical(?).

@Jason: So basically it would be the best to install a Snappy Core System on a Raspberry Pi 2 and after this, install Nginx, PHP7, MariaDB and Nextcloud to get the best Performance for Nextcloud on a Pi2?

Or should i get similar results in using the same Software on a Raspbian-Lite base?

If you install snappy on a pi2, you’d just install the NC snap which bundles apache, db and nc in one. Otherwise you’d need to find separate snappy packages for each and that sounds messy. If you’re not into the official nc snap with apache, don’t use ubuntu snappy core, you’ll get far more flexibility out of a “traditional” non-readonly server.

Nextcloud as a solution has no issues with the board you use, so if you’re installing anything except snappy core you can use whatever board you prefer along with nginx and other bits you’d manually configure.

The “benefit” of snappy is that everything is transactional, neatly packaged and low maintenance. The downside is it’s all read-only and not as flexible… but it’s perfect if all you want to do install a few snappy packages.

Does that make sense?

Many thx. This makes sense for me. I understand now, what it means to use Snappy instead of a more “traditional” Image. So i stay with Raspbian for the Moment, as i will play with some things. Great!

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