Nextcloud / / pdf web annotations

Hi guys,

I am about to use for web annotations. Theoretically it would be possible to annotate pdf’s stored in nextcloud, but unfortunately this is currently not possible, at least I don’t know how it should work. Why?

Has anyone had experience with this? How to do that? Are PDFs displayed in iFrame? What advantage does this have? Is it possible to prevent this?

The answer from to my problem was: “I’m not familiar with nextcloud, but the same issue applies. If you can directly link to a PDF so that it does not appear in an iframe you should be fine.”

… would be very grateful for help!

You can setup a subdomain, e.g. cdn.your-nextclo.ud and mount the files of your Nextcloud instance via WebDAV there.

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Maybe this app could help to get a direct link to the file:

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Thank you very much, I’ll look into that possibility too. Do you have a suitable wiki or similar quickly at hand so that I don’t have to search for a long time?

Thank you very much, I will try it out.

Have you had any experience with this app?

First impression: OK, does what I wanted, only works with FireFox (why I don’t know), I can’t report on stability and other things yet.