Nextcloud Hub II Nextcloud Office on RaspPi4?

I can’t seem to find the answer to this question anywhere. In the past I’ve been unable to run the docker images for collabora on my RaspPi4. Hence,

I’m running nextcloud 23 on a RaspPi4 running latest version of Raspery Pi OS, which is a 32bit Linux OS. Can I run the new nextcloud office using this setup?

Thank you.

Not until you install a 64bit os. You’ll also need at least 4gb ram. Raspberry Pi offers the 64 bit release as well, but have poorly marketed it.

Thank you. My Pi4 has 4gb Ram. The RaspPi 4 64 bit OS is perpetually in beta. I don’t think at this time they have a production release.

64 bit release is fine. Beta tag hasn’t been used in a while.

64bit is fine. Many of us have been running it for about a year. I have not seen a single issue crop up related to it and NextcloudPi so far.

Well „poorly marketed“ is not „it has officially exited beta stadium“.

It’s still not even listed on the official downloads page:

I wait for x64 for several reasons like these NC apps e. g.

  • NC News
  • OnlyOffice
  • Collabora Online
  • MediaDC

But at the same time I still fear a migration on a bare metal server without the official announcement Raspberry Pi OS 64-Bit is officially supported for productive use.

NextcloudPi has been using 64bit release for a year. It works totally fine. Just got for it. The issue is… Raspberry Pi’s are mostly 32-bit. So they screwed themselves because old school users must use 32-bit. So, making the move to 64-bit was a big deal for their organization… but it was a non issue for us as of the 3b+. It works flawlessly. There has never been a single problem with the migration other than having to install the 64-bit release. Good luck.

Available 64-bit only.

Requires at least 4gb ram total on the Pi 4

Requires at least 4gb ram total on the Pi 4

Never used it, but never heard a single complaint. If you run into an issue, just let us know here and we’ll help you out as best we can.

If this is too much for you, I do not recommend hosting your own Nextcloud. You can pay for a provider. I believe you have nothing to fear, but the choice is yours.

There are thousands of home admins on NextcloudPi so I’m sure you will be totally fine if your device supports what you need. Cheers!

To shorten this: the game has changed. The 64 bit version of the OS my Pi is running on has exited beta stadium recently:

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