Nextcloud hub does not sync between different users

Hi everyone, I’ve got a problem I can’t solve with documentation and couldn’t solve using the search in this forum and would love some help with:

I’ve set up a new instance of nextcloud21 on a vps, that works fine so far. I can add users and they can eg talk to each other using talk, and each can create folders, and upload documents. Different users however can’t see folders and documents created and uploaded by others.
The users are of the same group (both admin and users doesn’t work), the folders are no groupfolders (as created with the extension), the folders and content shows up in the user folders in the database when accessed via sftp-client.
When I click on a folder/via and its share menu, it says “no other users with permission” in the others with permission category.

What could be wrong? How to configure nextcloud so that folders are visible for every user in the same instance by default?

Thanks a lot, Felix

Hello @Febr

Welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

What you are describing is completely normal and everything is working as intended. If you want to create predefined folders for a group of users, you can create them with the Group folders app. Otherwise each user has its own private file storage and the files or folders of a certain user are only visible to other users or groups, when shared with them.


Hello @bb77,

ayyyy, well okay :wink:
Thanks for your quick answer, I plainly misunderstood the designed way to use nextcloud here.

Works how it should now! Thanks, Felix


Oh my god. This group folders app should be promoted bigger. For over two years we thought that or Nextcloud is just broken, because we shared the folders with the build in sharing button, and some folders just did not appear in our group Nextcloud. People transfering from Drive or Dropbox won’t get this without beeing informed.