Nextcloud Hub 3 (25.0.2) & Security key also asks for TOTP

Hi just wondering if this is normal/expected behaviour for Nextcloud with a security key (Yubikey Bio)

been using standard totp since ive used nextcloud… but I have just recently added 2 security keys (Yubikey Bio) (i left TOTP settings as they were) and i’d expect it to act like any other site ive added the security key now i thought it should prompt for security key, with an option of using totp as the backup

but if i login normally, i get no prompt for the security key

if i login with the “use device” then it does prompt for the security key… but once it reads my fingerprint, up pops the TOTP asking for a totp code…

is there anyway / setting anywhere that changes these (so i can set a primary of security key with totp as a fallback)