Nextcloud Hub 18 • After OnlyOffice-integration: Docker technology still required?

Hi there,

as far as I know, in the past, you need dockers for Nextcloud-apps like Collabora Online or OnlyOffice. So, normally it was a problem to install them on a webhosting account.

Do you still need these containers after OnlyOffice integration into Nextcloud kernel?

Manual does not mention any dockers.

So, I think, there are not required for standard installation, right?

Thanks a lot

No, you do not need it. And no, for Collabora it is also not a must have, I do it without Docker.

Thanks for your reply!
In case of Collabora, do you have to accept any restrictions without Dockers?

HEISE talks about “reverse proxies”,
do you dispense on them, too?

collabora and OnlyOffice are programs that run on your server. you can install both manually or using docker images. both methods require that you can access the servers cli.

now there is a third way to install a version of onlyoffice as an nextcloud app. no cli, no docker needed.

the new version seems to lack some features. but i didn’t test it yet.

depends. if you run collabora or onlyoffice on a different server or address. you don’t need one. if you know how to setup such system.

the integrated app shouldn’t need a reverse proxy.

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