Nextcloud hosting


I have an big Server and my idea was host Nextcloud for other Users. Each User become his Own Admincloud without SSH Acess.
Has anyone do this step, maybe in Germany and can tell me what I must do?

You are not the first one:

You probably want to automatize the installation process of a single instance. Secure your system, do backups and test recovery. It’s not bad to have a bit of background on how to run and configure a web server. It’s quite some responsibility to host data for other people.

I have an Rootserver and not the first One. :wink:
I know what I do. Secure the Server is for me the first step after start a new Server.

Automating deployments would be a great start, since you don’t want to be replicating a setup every single time you get a customer manually. If I were to do it I’d probably separate the installs into docker or LXD containers in order to keep data nice and separate, but not really necessary I guess.

You’re likely going to succumb to some strict data privacy laws in DE, which I couldn’t comment on…