Nextcloud hosting providers (english)

I have installed successful nextcloud on my QNAP. However, my QNAP (like others) is being attacked, and it’s only a matter of time before it gets taken over for ransomware. It’s a shame but I’m now wanting to find a reasonably priced hosting provider in Europe that’s English speaking - is anyone aware of one?
Thanks in advance

Why? An attacker can only use HTTPS and the Nextcloud application.
Ransomware is more a user (client side) and not a hacker (server side) problem.
Read this documentation.

I think ransomware is on every hosting a problem.
There is an app Ransomware protection.
There are only three really good things against ransomware on the server side: backup, backup, backup
Ask your nextcloud hosting provider for daily backups.
And if you a victim of ransomware there are only three things: restore, restore, restore
Do you have a backup?

And the biggest problem on clients is Windows.
Migrate all your clients to Linux or macOS.

I think with daily backups ransomware is no problem for on-prem or cloud-hosting.
Also Windows is no problem. You only lose your data from today.