Nextcloud high CPU Using

Hello, I have 2 exactly the same Nextcloud VMs running on different hardware.

The following difference is extremely noticeable:

Nextcloud 1: CPU average load 0 (idle)

Nextcloud 2:
Average CPU utilization 0.6

The biggest difference, however, is when using the Nextcloud. If you click around a bit and work something with Nextcloud, the load on Nextcloud 1 goes up to about 1.1

With Nextcloud 2 it runs at 2.8 …

The Nextcloud 2 is also much slower than the Nextcloud 2, why is this? …

is most likely the answer. Even similar hardware could behave different because of BIOS and driver versions and different system settings. In terms of virtualization it could be something like disabled hyper-threading and CPU VM extensions… another VMs could affect performance as well.