Nextcloud help fix Error?

Hi everyone. I have configured the next cloud and this error constantly appears in the log
“Exception: The requested uri(/data/.ocdata) cannot be processed by the script ‘/nextcloud/index.php’)” what can it be? advise where to look and how to fix it?

Post the log

Make sure that the mentioned .ocdata file exists in your data folder and that it is accessible. See also:

What is your configured data directory? That is in your config/config.php file:
‘datadirectory’ => ‘???’
Does it just say ‘/data’ here? It should be the full path, like ‘/var/www/html/nextcloud/data’.
What are the unix access privileges of that path? It should be the owner of the webserver process, like www-data for apache.
What is your operating system?

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Operating system : Ubuntu Server 18.04.3 LTS

Can you please use the following command and post the result? (if there are any folders with usernames, you can blank them out)

ls -lah /var/www/html/nextcloud/data

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Still, what is the content of your config file?

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Here is the output of the command:

photo_2019-09-06_09-43-18 photo_2019-09-06_09-43-16

As we can see the file exists and has the proper permissions, so it must be something else causing this issue.

Please could you change the value of overwrite.cli.url in your config.php to the following:

Now keep an eye on your log file and see if the error keeps appearing.

so overwrite.cli.the url is already written:

What else could be the problem?

Sorry for the late reply, was a little busy lately.

Please could you execute the following command via SSH and post the output in here?


#: cd /var/www/html/nextcloud && sudo -u www-data php occ app:list

This should list the apps you have enabled and disabled. Maybe there is something not quite right with one of the apps :thinking:

Here is the output of the command:

Sorry again for the late reply.

I had a look at your output but could not see any app, which could cause this behaviour. I know this is not a solution but just out of curiosity, does the error reflect any issue in your Nextcloud instance?

Does it have an impact on uploading/downloading data, or are users getting error messages when logging in or browsing your Nextcloud instance?

Checked so far:

  • The file is present and has the right permissions
  • The datadirectory is pointing to the right path (which contains the .ocdata file)