Nextcloud guide installation for high availability

Anyone can share any guide to setup NC in a High Availability architecture.
Some tips or recomendations are welcome.


Hey @aivdev,

What @Sanook posted above is about high availability for the ““Service””. What I recommend you do first is ensure high availability of your ““Data””. It will not be that bad if the service is down, as long as you can re-access your data at a later time. In the same way, what is the point of having a web frontend up and running if there are no data to serve at first.

So to ensure high availability at data level, you should first enforce the 3 copies rule : your data should exist in at least 3 copies. The main one, online and onsite by definition. At least one copy must be offsite to protect against physical incident like a fire. At least one copy must be offline to protect against logical incidents like intrusion, sysadmin typo and more.

Once you have that, you must deploy a complete backup solution for your Nextcloud config and database.

Once that backup is designed and deployed, you must practice doing recovery by re-deploying a copy of your own cloud on a separate server from scratch.

Only once you will have achieved all of that that HA for the service will make sense. Without that, your HA will be more about lying to yourself than serving yourself.

Have fun designing your data oriented HA solution, (mine is based on FreeNAS and ZFS replication)

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