Nextcloud Gmail alternative?

Nextcloud is an amazing project. It replaces Google Drive and Google Calendar with open source alternatives. But from what I understand, it doesn’t provide a Gmail alternative?

Wouldn’t this be quite powerful to provide people with the the complete package? I guess those three are what most people need.


This already has been chewed in the forum here :wink:

Way to go is use your own mailserver and integrate with NC Mailclient app. Integration of an entire mailserver into NC would be a way too big effort compared to gain.

I see, thanks. So, then the way to go is probably with something like that doesn’t involve using your own mailserver.

Well, it does not involve anything of your own, it’s again “someone else’s computer” for all services :wink:

True but it’s open source and easy to use. :slight_smile:
Coming from Gmail I need something that just works as easy and convenient as Gmail does.

I was hoping that Nextcloud can provide me with this experience.

Well, for me it does. In private I use a chepo-plan vhost with email serving option (Plesk web config). And NC installed on it with NC Mail-App. Works great for me :slight_smile:

But I think I know what you mean… everything’s better than your old “plan”…

Yeah, sounds too technical for the average Gmail user to switch. :stuck_out_tongue:

True - but I guess the average gmail user not even cares about reducing the probability to “lose” their private data. So I’m almost tempted to think everyone gets what they deserve :wink:

That’s a little harsh :wink:

It is hard to migrate but sadly, running a mail server is pretty hard even with solutions like Mail-in-a-Box so something like myKolab is a good choice. For files, calendar, contact and so on Nextcloud is, of course, a good solution :wink:

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It would have been, but I was only almost tempted to :slight_smile:

Anyway, it’s true - not having the possibility to click-and-go a mailserver can for sure be a blocker.

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I don’t disagree, I’d love to run my own. But I know it is hard to do it :frowning: