Nextcloud / free nas Raid 1 Max hard disk capacity

Im starting so be kind please! :slight_smile:

Im looking to build a raid 1 mirroring nextcloud with freenas with a capacity of 12TB.
According to different forums ive been reading i actually gathered conflicting informations that I need to confirm

So my question is can i use 2x 12TB hard disk to build my mirror raid, is it fully compatible with freenas / nextcloud / any machine?
or do i have to go through a different way.

Thanks for helping me!

Hi there! I have a somewhat setup right now that is similar to what you ask. I use pure FreeBSD 11.1 instead of FreeNAS, but FreeNAS is FreeBSD so this will apply. You will have no issue mirroring your 2 drives, but remember that you will need to have a full other drive (SSD recommended) for the OS. Nextcloud works on anything that can run the *AMP or *EMP server stacks. I have Nextcloud working flawlessly in a jail on my server. Only thing broken is memory info in the admin panel, and that’s mainly because Nextcloud gather system info from /proc, which FreeBSD doesn’t use, and even if it did, jails don’t get access to it.

I often recommend this tutorial to folks who want to set up Nextcloud on FreeBSD. Just be sure to tweak it to your use case, I never followed it dot-for-dot (like the Let’s Encrypt part)…maybe I will have to create a tutorial too since I’m seeing more and more folks ask about Nextcloud on FreeBSD

EDIT: I would also set up Nextcloud in a fresh jail and not the premade template. It always seems to be a bit behind and lacking in control.


Thank you very much for your huge help! :slight_smile:

I’m happy to do so :slight_smile: have fun and good luck with your project!