Nextcloud forcing update

Hey everyone,

We had an issue that caused our nextcloud environment to crash. The database crashed and the webservers fell out of sync. I have spent the morning getting everything back up and operational, but now my second webserver has locked me out of the GUI and is forcing me to upgrade before I can get into it again. Any Idea why this would be happening?

Load Balancer
2x webservers
MariaDB master database server
MariaDB slave database server
Redis Server
Only Office Server
NFS server for storage

Both servers are indicating they are on the same version (15.07) (screenshots attached)
I have also included a screenshot of the upgrade that suddenly appeared.

Any ideas on how I should proceed, if I should upgrade?

We currently have all traffic going through the load balancer and it only using the first webserver, but there is a reason why we have 2.


Forced update? What is this Windows? Why do you have the right to disable my server because I didn’t update? You are shooting yourself in the foot with this. Users are going to leave this service and I’m going to stop supporting it. How about making the upgrade process better? It really sucks.

At any given time I have about 10 different instances (two of them in production) of Nextcloud running: different versions, virtualization environment, DB, apps, OS, SSO, MFA, etc.

Since v.12.

Nextcloud forcing update/upgrade? I’ll call BS on that…

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity ”, or something like that…

Yes, it forces updates. On version 14.0.3. The way to fix it is to set the config to “production”.
php occ config:system:set --value production

Definitely stupidity. Never said it was malice. Just stupid. Having a forced update with no opt out on the screen. Also, showing this “update” screen to anyone who loads the page. Definitely stupid. Not having documentation on setting it into “production” mode in the manual under the “occ config:system” section, also stupid.

Your post sounds a bit like SCARIEST EVER upgrade in my entire life :wink:

There is no forced update for Nextcloud.

The third screenshot is the web based version of occ upgrade. It’s possible to disable the web based version if you want.

It’s required to run occ upgrade (via cli or web) after the updater downloaded and extracted a new Nextcloud version. But the updater (download and extract) is not called automatically. If you run into the web based occ upgrade one run the updater before.

It does have similarities to that issue. The main difference is that this happened suddenly over the weekend for no discernible reason. The update appears to have been automatically downloaded. Why now? We are on 14, why would it suddenly download automatically now? Why should it lock the interface just because the update was downloaded? Perhaps that’s a bad design.

Server is still down, can’t seem to upgrade, having issues restoring from a known good. I figured I could just go back to just before the weekend and then put it into “production” mode. But having issues restoring in the cloud (rancher-nfs) in AWS.