Nextcloud for professional use?


I installed nextcloud with docker on a proxmox VM with 8vcpu 3GHz, 8go and SSD nvme. I have peaks of only 5% of the resources but I find nextcloud very slow for professionnal use. I must wait 2~5 seconds to load a page.
I missed something or it’s better to avoid it for a professional use ?

Thank you for your feedback

Without any more info of how you configured your .ini files for PHP/PHP-FPM and PHP-CLI, aswell as how you configured Redis, it is impossible to answer.

In general I can say that Nextcloud runs smooth and fast for me, and same for bigger organisations, when it is configured correct. You are not downloading and installing a plug and play. Even the AIO VM or Docker, will need modification to run optimal for you use case.

I hope that AIO is working quite well out of the box. If you have any recommendations what could be optimize for an ootb-experience, feel free to open a new feature request here: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

No it works well! But for use in a professional setting, you rarely can avoid tweaking something in the config files, or on OS level. You can never fully make a one size fits all. However running AIO without any customization, will satisfy most. Running it for an extended time, you will always start exploring if there are things you can enhance yourself, like memory, threads, execution times, specifik apps requires some tweaking or PHP libraries that needs some config etc.

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Thank you for these optimization tips but before I start investigating I would like to know if it is possible to load the classic pages like the calendar, contacts and emails in less than 500ms?
If I need a dedicated machine why not because the solution seems interesting but does nextcloud hold when you scale it ?

Your question is litteral, but covers over external factors.

500ms? Something is wrong with your installation. My own - home and hobby setup only, with only half your hardware resources, shared with other services on same machine - runs much more smooth and fast. However then you asks about the email app.

First of all then for a webpage to be done loading, it needs to have fetched all the needed data. The Email app integrates to another service, to fetch the emails. This effectively has the consequence that the email nextcloud app page cannot be finished loading, until enough emails has been fetched to render the page. If this takes time, then I suggests you looks at the link between your mail hosting provider and your nextcloud server. I have seen in my test lab, that having the mail server on same host as Nextcloud, it takes 1-2 seconds when slowest.

500ms is not “normal”.