Nextcloud for NGOs (CRM)

Hello everyone,

I would love to prevent double structure/software and in this way use Nextcloud as some kind of CRM or management for a small ngo.

So, what is missing?

  • REGISTRATION: There is an app for registration (, which is fine. In my case it would be a big plus, if there is a way to demand more input than email (ex. adress, phone, bank information, guest-membership, interests …)
  • USERS While you don’t want to share your bank information and other stuff with just everyone, it needs a way to specify who can see this, but this can’t be the user itself, because these information need to be shared with board or a specific group for billing reasons. It then needs a way to prevent the user to change some information (member dues, bank information) because we want a specified way to change this information. Then of course it would be nice to combine contacts and users, but this seems to be a general question.
  • Autogroups
    Auto adding users to groups specified by user information (region, maybe interests).
  • Email to Groups
    First things first: Writing an email to groups by group-admin would be a big win. Later there could be an additional discussion-emaillist.

Go for a separate CRM, what you are asking is too much work to do it quickly or for free. Or you can always pay someone to develop this for you.

Well, I’m not expecting this to be done quickly or generally, but I thought, maybe this is a way to express interest in this topic and in some specific features. In addition, I wouldn’t say that everything of these are necessary to make nc useable in my purpose.

cortezaprojects have crm that can work with nextcloud

Really? I looked at their website. Looks nice but I see no mention of Nextcloud integration. Have you got a link?

ps: Connected CiviCrm/Wordpress with Nextcloud, was some work, but now it works great…

Also civicrm groups are synced to nextcloud.