Nextcloud for Internet Service Providers

Hi guys. I do some little research about this without success, so I prefered to just ask here.

My question is if Nextcloud is somehow prepared to be implemented as a DropBox alternative for clients of an Internet Servide Provider (ISP). Just to add a value to the regular Internet service.

I did some test, create a user (let’s call him Robert), I gave him some quota and it’s working fine. He can upload files in his own folder and he’s not able to see other account’s file. It worked.

Then I need to integrate the ISP administrative software to create and modify and delete accounts, but that’s another topic.

Is Nextcloud suitable for this or I should use other software?

Thanks in advance.

Well, there are many hosted Nextcloud providers out there, and also a few that are quite large, like e.g. Hetzner Storage Share or the Telekom MagentaCLOUD and the MagentaBusiness Cloud. There are also many schools and universities that use Nextcloud, some of them with thousands of users.

So yes, it is definitely possible, but I’m afraid that consulting on such a project is well beyond the scope of this forum :wink:

Thanks bb77, it’s just a guiding question. I will check the links you provided and do some field tests.

Thanks again :wink:

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