Nextcloud for business

Hi All

Am I able to use NextCloud free within my business? It is only for users to be able to add/remove some files from their mobiles onto the server as opposed to emailing?

I understand that the enterprise offers maintenance and extra feature.

What else does enterpris offer?
Can i legally use the free edition within a business?


You can use Nextcloud for your business as well in the free version. There is only a free version. The enterprise subscription offers additional services:

So if you are missing features and you don’t have own resources, if you need assistance, extended support, …

Only restriction you have is the AGPL 3.0 licence (you must share modifications of the code):

Great, thanks for that information.

“Only restriction you have is the AGPL 3.0 licence”

Is it mean i can customize and branding (change logo), add extra functionality without any restrictions, just i have to share the modified code on github?

You don’t have to share your branding (logo) but if you add or change features in the code, you must publish it. Ideally, you work together with the developers of this specific app.