Nextcloud for Android V 10.0.6 connects to server not app

When I attempt to login to the server address, it connects with the server and not to the phone app. I’m trying to auto upload my photos and I see no option in the settings as they refer to the server app.

Phone Samsung Galaxy S21 5G
Nextcloud version 10.0.6
Server FreeNAS 11.2 running Nextcloud

Nextcloud 10 is from 2016. You should update to a supported version and retry.

@Ron69 Are you by chance referring to Owncloud rather than Nextcloud?

No, it’s Nextcloud. On second look, the server is FreeNAS 11.1 not 11.2. I’m looking into updating the PHP to 5.6 or higher then I will update Nextcloud. Thanks for the reply.