Nextcloud folder shared via samba

Hi - I have been searching to try and find out if it is possible to have nextcloud folder also shared via samba smb this way I can have users save data directly into the share on a local network and have that synced via nextcloud to other locations and remote clients via the client app.

No, not supported sorry. You’ll potentially encounter issues

Hi Jason,

So is there a way to share a nextcloud folder that can be shared on a local network. It’s much faster to access folders and files at gigabit route speeds vs a internet connection.

Setup a server share as you normally would outside of NC (SMB? etc) then connect nextcloud to it via external storage

Hi Jason and Warren,

According to your experience, when connecting NextCloud to the SMB share via its external storage application, will the uploaded files through the web interface be available for other SMB clients with no side negative effects, such as incompatible naming conventions, unreadable accents and diacritical Marks, weird UTF encodings, and the like?