Nextcloud Folder not Visible in Adobe Premiere Connect Media Window


We try to have all our files on Nextcloud, even large media files that we use to edit videos.
When using Premiere it sometimes happens, that I need to reconnect media. However, it is not possible because the Premiere reconnect media window doesn’t list the Nextcloud folder.

Is that a Adobe Premiere or Nextcloud issue and is there a way around it?

Thank you

Did you ever find a solution to this? I have this issue on a PC (windows10) but not on a Mac (Catalina). I can access my sync folder just fine on the Mac through the reconnect media window.

same issue here… adobe premiere doesnt show nextcloud. very bad as video editing and cutting is very good to do with nextcloud as it needs large files…

It seems like chaning the icon if the Nextcloud folder to the regular Windows folder icon resolves the Issue. This Link helped me:

had the same issue - this worked! thank you so much!