NextCloud - Folder dowload - MAC - error 1 Operation not permitted

We are getting the following error when trying to download an entire folder from NextCloud. We do not get this error on every folder, just some of them. I also get this error if I select 2 ore more files in that folder to download.


  1. Downloaded each file from the folder
  2. Created a new folder
  3. Uploaded each file to the new folder
  4. Downloading the folder works fine

Also looked for hidden files via “ls -lat” on the NextCloud server and did not see any.

I thought it might be because of spaces, uppper case, lower case, or special chars in the files names, but I can not reproduce the issue in a new folder.


  1. Does anyone know the cause of this?
  2. Does anyone know how to resolve this without, deleting the folder and re-uploading?

We are migrating are users from Dropbox to NextCloud and this happened on their set of users after their migration. We currently have put a bad taste in their mouth.

#Version and Error details
Version: 12.0.4
Client: MAC (multiple macs with issue)
Error Message on MAC computer.
Unable to expand “file name.tar” into "folder"
Error 1 - Operation not permitted
NOTE: I also tried to get untar the files via terminal on the mac and it will not work.

I just tested this from a windows machine and zip file was able to be extracted without issue.


Can you check you logfiles?

You can as well check if the test setup can handle this properly. Make sure you don’t use any confidential data (just take nonsense-textfiles and name them like your real files):


There is no data being written to the nextcloud.log when performing the download.
Is there some tracing that I should turn on to see the tar command that is being ran to create the .tar file?

I will try a demo instance with the same files/folders name shortly and report back.

I was not able to recreate the issue on a demo instance by creating a folder with the same name and uploading files with the same name.

More Backgound:

  1. These folders are an SMB share on freenas
  2. The folders and files were originally copied to the folder via MAC finder and not uploaded via the NextCloud ui.

Can you try the same operation in the main storage? You to see if it is related to external storage, then this could be a bug.