Nextcloud Flow missing or logic?

Just installed NC18 a few days ago and I thought I would play with some of the file access control stuff to get familiar. I noticed that the flows are missing OR logic…it’s all AND logic.

Here’s an example of why this isn’t all that great: IPv4 and IPv6. A scenario:

If a file is tagged with mytag AND the IPv4 addresses does not match, AND the IPv6 address does not match dead:beef:cafe/64, restrict access

Why does this not work? Because you can’t match both IPv4 AND IPv6 at the same time. You would want to have an OR so if client A only supports IPv4, it can be restricted based on IPv4 rules. Likewise, if a client DOES support IPv6, it would also need to block based on that IPv6 connection.

Is there a solution to this that isn’t yet obvious to me?

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We have just stumbled on the same… it seems there is only “AND”, which requires us to create many different Flows, to accommodate for everything we need to do. Having “OR” would be a great help to reduce complexity…

(what we want to do: In case the client is the sync app (meaning: “iOS client” OR “Android client” OR “Desktop client”, THEN…)

I have not yet checked out NC19… Hopefully that one has OR logic?

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