Nextcloud FileServer

I’m looking to use Nextcloud at my organization and would really like to use it to replace our fileserver if it can serve the same or similar purposes. I plan on using Collabora or OnlyOffice online as well for document editing. The biggest issue I’m trying to figure out is the folder shares that don’t belong to individuals. Through Windows Server and Active Directory we set security up for departmental folders, but obviously don’t want these folders to belong to individuals or syncing to local desktops. I’ve currently got Nextcloud installed with LDAP integrated so it sees our groups and users, just not sure where to go from here to give them access to their files and have it follow the security rules. If I had to I wouldn’t even be opposed to migrated the files and rules over to Nextcloud.

Also currently everyone’s profiles are redirected to the file share so their documents aren’t even stored on their desktop, how would you suggest keeping the same setup so a GPO just moves their documents from the fileshare to Nextcloud. I’m not opposed to file syncing for these folders ,as long as encryption is functional, although I would rather they didn’t.

Thanks All. Hope that makes sense.

did you see the app “group folder”?