NextCloud Files page infinite loading and connection to server lost

I have An error my nextcloud application for only one user his files not loading.
but when he open his files the page load infinite and then response with connection to server lostScreenshot from 2021-09-02 18-15-15
Screenshot from 2021-09-02 18-16-53
Screenshot from 2021-09-02 18-14-45
Nextcloud Version: 21
ubuntu Version: 20
postgres database

the error in postgress log pgsql could not receive data from client connection reset by peer

  • and this duplicate key value violates unique constraint

nextcloud.log file?

there is nothing in nextcloud .log file

postgres.log has fileid in oc_filecache already exist
violation to unique constraint on fs_storage_path_hash index
I can’t understand why it try to implement insert in these tables because I need this user to only retrieve his files