Nextcloud failed to run but owncloud runs well on a same server

I newly configured my router with entware to enable LEMP. I can access phpmyadmin pages flawlessly, however, when things come to nextcloud, problems encountered. I downloaded the zip file from the official website, unzipped it to the document root, chown the ownership, and I can access the index.php to setup the administrator account and the database, but after that, when the page was redirected to the login page, the server reported internal server eeror. Surprisingly, there was nothing repoted in the logfile (neither in the php logfile or in the nginx logfile). I tried many times, reconfigured the server, but with no success. I finally gave up and downloaded owncloud, configured it all the same way, and it runs like a charm now.
So, is there any extension needed by nextcloud but not owncloud? Or is there any other difference between the two? Thanks!

Check the webserver’s error logfile. 5xx-errors generally pop up there.