Nextcloud: externen Zugriff einschränken


I would like to set up Nextcloud for about 5 users and only allow external access for 1 user. Nextcloud is set up on a computer in the local LAN. How can I implement the requirement? I have considered giving external access only via VPN to this one user. Then he has to dial in via VPN - cumbersome! Is there another way? Many thanks for your help!

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If you make your Nextcloud available externally (e.g. for Sharing/Uploading) then “in general” it is possible to login from the outside as well.

We have been discussing similar requirement short time ago. Definitely you could build some cumbersome processes e.g. around multi-factor auth keeping the second factor locally but I think this is weird as well.

Thank you very much!
But I could limit external VPN access to this one user.