Nextcloud External Storage SNAP

Can anybody offer some advice on how External Storage works.

I have NC 19.04 on an Intel NUC with a 128Gb SSD internal drive running NC and a 2Tb USB3 External Storage Drive. Its a SNAP install

I have added external storage then in Admin External Storage, I shared a folder that I had created on the Drive like the following

Then in the admin account I can see the following

So far so good but when I log in to a test account, the share just iterates through the hare that contains the share that contains the share etc etc etc.

Any files in there are effectively deleting files in the admin folders.

I simply want to create a folder that is an SMB or CIFS share but don’t get that option despite installing this in the root of my NUC. I am guessing SNAP cant use or see this so I am very confused.

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