Nextcloud external Link pass password

Hello Everyone,

Nextcloud 16.04
Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

I’m sorry, my English is limited, so if my request is not clear let me know so i can explain it better.

im not having any trouble with my Nextcloud Server so far, this is more of a request if its possible:

Generaly all my external Share Links to a file or folder require a password, i dont want to change this basic setting on my server due to Users wouldnt protect their shares anymore.
But there are some files, not worth to be protected by a manual password input but more to be user friendly. I want to share a file which still is password protected, but the link already contains the password.
I dont care if it would be a hashed pw or in clear text. Zoom video communications can do this, the link looks something like:üasdfghjklö
Is it possible for Nextcloud to already pass the password with the link like:
So the User is not prompted to enter a password anymore?

Hopefully you understand what i’m trying to explain and thanks for your help.



I test a public link with password and network-analysis (F12) in Mozilla Firefox.***/authenticate/showShare

The password is a post-parameter and not a get-parameter named “password”
It does not work to set the password in the url (get-parameter): &password=…

Perhaps read: