Nextcloud extemely slow after installing Collabora CODE Server

I had to use the command below to even get it to install but now it takes forever to load any page within Nextcloud. Should I looks at the error log? If so where is the log file for nextcloud or collabora code server located?
sudo -u [USERNAME] php -d memory_limit=512M ./occ app:install richdocumentscode


Sorry to reply so late, but I just had the same issue and I would like to document the issue. You look like the last one to call for help.

I just set a CODE Server and in order to connect it with my NC instance I had to install “Nextcloud Office” making my installation so slow that it was not usable anymore.

Playing several time with occ app:disable/enable richdocument I find an access to the app setting. Once I entered the proper URL for the Code Server, everything went back in order. This field should be left blank by default may be ?

By the way @Alex_kee says here that this parameter may be set by command line as follow :

./occ config:app:set --value ${SERVER_URL} richdocuments wopi_url
./occ richdocuments:activate-config

I did not test it but it sounds easier.

Hope it will help