Nextcloud.export command not found (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, Nextcloud Snap 17 stable channel)

I am using the nextcloud snap on an Ubuntu install.
I have been trying to move the instance to a different device.
I disabled Nextcloud with “snap disable nextcloud”.

So far, I have successfully transferred all files from /var/snap/nextcloud/common/nextcloud/data to the new device via rsync.

Now my plan was to continue with the rest of the installation with the command
nextcloud.export -abc

But unfortunately, I get the response:
command ‘nextcloud.export’ not found, but can be installed with: sudo snap install nextcloud

Which I don’t understand, as I have Nextcloud installed already. Any ideas how I can make the export work?

I do not use “snap”. But perhaps you can find the program nextcloud.export in a subdir. Search with “find” or another program.

Sorry, I’m a bit of a noob. Here’s the mistake I made:
I had disabled the snap with the command snap disable nextcloud.

Re-enabled it, entered nextcloud.export -abc and it went well!