Nextcloud error please help to fix?

Hi everyone. I have configured the next cloud and this error constantly appears in the log
“Exception: The requested uri(/data/.ocdata) cannot be processed by the script ‘/nextcloud/index.php’)” what can it be? advise where to look and how to fix it?

Hi Dmitrij and welcome to the forum.

Did you by any chance move the data folder after the installation? Or did you maybe change the permissions of that folder?

Depending on what OS/Distro you are using, the paths could be anything.

If you have SSH access, try the following command as a privileged user:

find / -type d -name "nextcloud"

This will search your server for the folder called nextcloud - In that folder you should find the data folder, if you haven’t changed it.

The data folder was not moved. Gave access rights 777 but it did not help. also this error appears in the log.

If you have not moved the data folder, can you access the folder and see of there is a file called .ocdata in it?

The file .ocdata should also be owned by your webserver user/group ie. apache or www-data - The user depends on your OS/Distro and the used webserver.