Nextcloud error btrfs-sync snapshots

I decide to write a post as I can’t found online any information related to the following error.

I recently install nextcloudPi on a Raspberry pi and everything was working, 2 drives with on used as backup where all the snapshots of the day were synchronized. Recently the synchronization stop to work and I decide to do it manually using btrfs-sync.

The terminal give me back this error:

Synchronizing ‘/media/HD1/ncp-snapshots/manual_2020-01-26_180213’…
ERROR: send ioctl failed with -5: Input/output errorze [9.84MiB]
time elapsed [0:00:01] | rate [10.5MiB/s] | total size [11.1MiB]
ERROR: unexpected EOF in Stream
Delete subvolume (no-commit): ‘/media/HDBackup/ncp-snapshots/manual_2020-01-26_180213’

I tried to reinstall/format drive, I still have this problem even is there is only few files on the server. Any chance that someone solved this problem once?

Best regards