Nextcloud download file error

Hello Everyone! On downloading the file in Nextcloud i am facing this error.
Can anyone help me in this??

Thank you

Please post more details. Post “Technical details” and your nextcloud logs.

in technical details, there is an ip address and user ide

this is the log file

Sorry but i think there must be more logfiles e.g. in the nextcloud gui in administration part.

Because of the logfiles i think it is a snap installation. Sorry i do not use snap.
Because of the errors you can perhaps deactivate “autorefresh”.
But i think this is not not really problem.
I hope the error is documented in another logfile.

How to disable autorefresh in snap - Ask Ubuntu

thank you for your answer. could you tell me which log files do i need to look?

In nextcloud gui logged in with user (admin rights):

Settings -> Administration -> Logging

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Same problem is this now working? How can i fix this problem? Thank you