Nextcloud download 5GB turns file extension into .tar and doesn't complete

When I attempt to download a large file 5GB the download starts… I do not see progress. In the downloads folder the file turn into a .tar extention regardless of what the file type is and it doesn’t download fully so the .tar can not be opened.

I recently had to build a new server and transfer all data into the NEW mariadb.

New Unraid Server and install of dockers nextcloud and swag on 12-29-20.

  • Used cp -r in terminal to move all the data
  • Used occ files:scan --all to update the database

UnRaid: vr 6.9.0-rc2
nextcloud: vr 20.0.3
Ryzen 9 3900X
Memory: 32GB

This is a copy of my PHP 7 config:
date.timezone = America/New_York