Nextcloud does not work with Mac OS X 10.6.8.? Which iOS version is necessary?


I have an Apple iMac with the software version 10.6.8. Sadly Nextcloud 12 doesn’t work neither via Browser nor via desktop client. That means I can login using the browser and I can see folders, I can not, however, open them or upload or download anything.

Using the same account in Windows I can use Nextcloud via Browser AND via desktop client.

Did anyone face a similar issue? Is it a problem with Apple or with this version of iOS? Which iOS Version would I need to use Nextcloud properly?

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When you try to download Nextcloud Client for OS X you will see that minimum required is 10.9 so Mavericks.

You should upgrade your system to Mavericks if it have 4Go of Ram.

Don’t go to Yosemite 10.10 and up because you need at least a SSD and 8Go or ram.

I had to upgrade a client who were in 10.6.8. She can’t use google chrome and firefox correctly.
Firefox cannot be updated, last version is 48 i think. I had to see in filehippo to download this version. On firefox 48 nextcloud Web UI works

Actually it works with Firefox 45 ESR
Any how this Release is also already outdated.

One thing to note about OS X Mavericks is it hasn’t been supported since September 2016 so be careful, and 10.10 loses support some time next year

Yes it’s true.
I used mavericks until some months, now i m on yosemite.

I advise to use mavericks because it ask less hardware update for an old mac.

But if you put more ram and a ssd there isn’t a reason to not update to el capitan or sierra