Nextcloud docker updates when using smbclient

Hi there,

I need to use smbclient for my external drivers and had set it up succesfully in 18.0.2. Now I need/want to update to 18.0.3. The official way to do this is by pulling the new docker image. This means, however, that after every update I need to go back in to re-download the smbclient, right?

Is this really the right way to to things or is there a better way? I tried to web-updater, but seems that in docker image there is no “updater” folder so it doesn’t work. Also the updater.phar does nothing ("Command “updater.phar” is not defined. " to be exact).

you could write your own Dockerfile. if know which Dockerfile was used to build your image you download and modifiy it.

e.g. take this one and add the smbclient module

They provide an official example of a Dockerfile to add SMB support. This is explained here under Adding Features and there is a link to several example Dockerfiles.

Basically you will change your docker-compose file so that it will pull the new version and then repeat the addition of SMB support. Updating is pretty easy then.