Nextcloud Docker integrate Collabora

Hey Guys,

I am struggling with my Nextcloud Docker, I have it up an running for almost a Year now. I now like to add Collabora to it, but I can only find resources on how to setup a Container already containing both.

How can I integrate Collabora to my Nextcould Docker? I am using it with this docker-compose:

    image: nextcloud:latest
      - nextcloud_postgresql
      - /opt/docker/nextcloud/html:/var/www/html
    restart: always
      - env/nextcloud.env
      - lets-encrypt
      - nginx-proxy
      - nextcloud_postgresql

Is there any way to add it to this existing container? I also want to do this only one time without worrying on updates that it is lost

Thanks a lot!

I would think you have to insert the red code to your gateway.conf of the nginx-proxy container (web page below). And make port 9980 of the collabora container available to it.

NGINX acting as reverse proxy:

Ok, thank you. It is at least loading now… But it constantly says File is corrupted or not supported.
Can it be that this is because I use letsencrypt?

Found out it is a known Bug