Nextcloud docker for fast deployment low resource requirements


i made a new docker container (based on nextcloud:fpm-alpine) which fixes some issues i had:

  • /var/www/html as a volume, which means that any external storage is a different mountpoint which leads to very slow file moves (something i need quite often)
  • automatic install/enable apps for easier deployment
  • redis and mysql connects through a socket and not through tcp/ip. nextcloud is self contained in one container (except nginx)
  • as i run nc in a low resource environment there is a nginx reverse proxy which directly connects to php-fpm (and not two)
  • sets up cron (also for preview generator)

feel free to use it: it’s also on github. suggestions are very welcome

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what about postgresql instead of mysql?

I thought long about postgres because i prefer it.
but as i read through the forums i saw that nc devs dont have that much experience with it and recommend mysql.

The nc usage pattern also fits more to mysql than postgres.

So mysql seems to be the safer choice for me.

I use this container on my new helios64 nas which only has 4gb ram. Mysql seems to perform better in low memory environments.

So i wont do it. But i’d happily accept a pr which offers postgres as an additional choice

@flower1024 your Nextcloud image is no longer on
Would you mind sharing what solution you are using now?