Nextcloud docker container - smtp.config.php missing from config directory


We are currently running Nextcloud 19 docker container and are shortly going to upgrade to 20.

I noticed on the test environment I spun up that the email settings were empty, I then came across in the config directory smtp.config.php and amended the environment variables, it is now able to send mail.

Our current Nextcloud 19.0.13 container does not have the below files present in the config directory, I’ve been trying to work out when they were added to Nextcloud and why they would not be present:

  • redis.config.php
  • reverse-proxy.config.php
  • s3.config.php
  • smtp.config.php
  • swift.config.php

We are using Ansible for deployment so I’ll make sure smtp.config.php is copied in if needed, but I’m just curious as to why our container would be missing these files.



from official Dockerfile

COPY config/* /usr/src/nextcloud/config/

and the files are here

Thanks for your response, appreciated.

I’ve checked on our current production install of Nextcloud 19.0.13 and as you say those files are located at:


But they are not located at:

/var/www/html/config/ unlike the fresh pull of 19.0.13 install in our dev environment (apologies if I was not clear in my initial posting).


I’ve now discussed it with a colleague and all is as is should be.

Thanks for your time.