Nextcloud Docker Apache Configuration

I’m running the Nextcloud/Apache Base with Docker on a Synology NAS. That is nice so far.

Just to do a little tweaking I’m thinking about the way the Apache is configured in the container.

As I can see there are 3 .htaccess files (/var/www/html/config/.htaccess, /var/www/html/data/.htaccess, /var/www/html/.htaccess) which are looked up by httpd for each request.

But in the global apache2.conf there is a “AllowOverride None” directive for /var/www/. As I understood this should prevent the .htaccess files from being looked up at all in this directory. But they are looked up…
In the default Virtual-Host there is no other directive on this.

My question is where the Apache is configured to look up the .htaccess files? And can the contents of these .htaccess files be included into the global apache2.conf or the Virtual-Host via a module block instead like mentioned here?

Thanks for any hints!