Nextcloud @ DO!Hack 2017



Hey Nextclouders,

the team behind the DO!Hack hackthon from the heart of Ruhrgebiet would love to spread some Nextcloud and Open Source feelings at our event this year. We are using Nextcloud for our everyday hackathon organization tasks and have also written our own Nextcloud app. It would be awesome to have some Nextcloud swag at the event and perhaps you could advertise our event via twitter. We think that there are a lot of students who are using Nextcloud and want to start creating their first awesome Nextcloud app. Just like you did at the Nextcloud conference i will hold a short lightning talk about creating an Nextcloud app and help the teams to get started. Nextcloud + DO!Hack will be a perfect match.

For more infos please visit DO!Hack and watch our aftermovie from last year! You can reach us via Email, Twitter or Facebook.

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@jospoortvliet saw your name in another event related thread. Any thoughts on this :grin:?


Hell yeah, shoot me an email (to my first name @ the servers) with a shipping address and some info and I’d get you stuff!

You all rock :smiley: